5 of the best Nintendo 3DS alternatives

Perhaps you’re in the queue for a 3DS. So, is it too late to change your mind?

Sony PlayStation 3

£250, www.hmv.com

For around 100 quid more you could own Sony’s curvy black box that does nearly everything under the sun, including HD 3D gaming and Blu-ray, with graphics that utterly annihilate those of the puny 3DS.

Microsoft Xbox 360

£190, www.game.co.uk

The 360 may have less than half the 3D game catalogue of its mortal enemy above, but it makes up for that with the best online experience and Sky Player. At this price, you’d be mad not to own one.

Nintendo Wii

£150, www.amazon.co.uk

Nintendo’s shake-and-waggle box is the cheapest offering here and with classic games like Mario Kart, Zelda, Metroid and Super Smash Bros it’s definitely worth a pop. Can also be used as a replacement babysitter.

Sony PlayStation NGP

Around £200

The frankly ridiculous NGP is essentially the PSP 2.0. It would take a mini essay to list all of its features, which include GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, a few accelerometers and even a touch-sensitive back. Refresh your memory on the rest here.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

£500, www.play.com

The mythical PSP phone is officially a reality, and it runs Android. With a dedicated game section in the marketplace and PS1 and PSP games on the way it’s a neat solution to bulky pockets.


Nintendo 3DS

£187, www.amazon.co.uk

Or you could screw all of the above and embrace your inner-geek. Who needs sensible alternatives when you can get the latest gadgets? 3D gaming in your pocket with Nintendo’s legendary games catalogue? Sounds good to us.

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