5 of the best new pens

Scrawl in style with a brand new ink-dispensing implement

Scrawl in style with a brand new ink-dispensing implement. Here are 5 of our favourite new pens...

Caran d'Ache RNX PVD from £295

Swiss penmaker Caran d'Ache may be more famous for its traditional methods and designs, but the RNX's PVD coating – including a very cool black nib on the fountain pen – is all about the present. Fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint and retractable pencil available.

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Pelikan M205 DUO £80

If you're using a fountain pen, you're already in a minority. But to really stand apart, try using a fountain pen that can write with fluorescent inks. The transparent "demonstrator" body also means you can see how much ink you've got left – and how it all works.

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Graf von Faber-Castell Elemento from £695

This limited-edition series has been created to mark 250 years of Faber-Castell, still owned by the founding family. The barrel is made from one piece of the finest end-grain olive wood. Nice.

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Sheaffer Intensity Carbon Fibre from £40

Carbon fibre's been around for decades now, yet there's still something spaceage about it. Whether you buy the fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint, you'll be twirling it in your fingers just to watch that carbon weave.

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Conway Stewart Belliver Mocha from £280

The chocolatey swirls in that resin barrel are mesmerising, aren't they? Be quick, this limited edition of 50 is only on sale till 25 July 2011, as either rollerball or fountain pen. It's part of the Pen of the Month series from Conway Stewart, the classic British pen brand beloved of Winston Churchill.

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