5 of the best new Apple iPad accessories

That new iPad (3) is looking mighty unloved – if you feel like treating your latest gadget, these accessories should keep it happy for now

Klipsch Gallery G17 Air


If you want big, ballsy sound from your iPad 3's iTunes library, choose the AirPlay-enabled Klipsch Gallery G17 Air. It looks good in gloss black so shouldn't embarrass your iPad 3, takes 3.5mm and USB inputs and is a neat option for bass junkies.

Line 6 Mobile In


We're big fans of music making accessories for the iPad – just connect your guitar to your iPad 3 with the Line 6 Mobile in, then get strumming with Line 6's free POD app or other apps like GarageBand to add tons of cab, amp and effects sims.

Apple TV 2012


We might not have been treated to a full blown Apple iTV set – but why would you need one when you can stream 1080p HD video from your iPad 3 straight to the new and improved Apple TV via AirPlay? You needn't fork out for a whole new telly and you get the most powerful Apple TV to date, thanks to that A5X processor.

Seagate GoFlex Satellite Wireless


If you want to expand the iPad 3's 64GB/128GB storage, you'll need the world's first wireless external hard drive, Seagate's GoFlex Satellite Wireless. Set this bad boy up with your iPad 3 and you'll get access to 500GB worth of music and movies. The GoFlex's battery lasts for 5 hours and will connect to up to three devices over Wi-Fi.

Apple Smart Cover for new iPad


Before the rush of covers and cases to protect that lovely Retina Display on the new iPad fly at us tomorrow, it's worth buying an Apple Smart Cover. The magnetised cover should protect your new iPad – butter-fingered gadget owners rejoice.

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