5 of the best movie prop replicas

Warning: the level of awesome contained in this feature may irreversibly cripple your wallets. You have been warned

The Dark Knight motorcycle suit


This awe-inspiring movie-accurate set of full motorbike leathers is made up of individually segmented armour pieces, offering maximum movability and high levels of protection thanks to its integrated Kevlar sections. We’re saving up every single penny we can to claim one of these as our own, so if you’ll excuse us we have to go and practice our gravelly voices and learn to silently leave rooms while other people are in mid sente-

Moving ink Rorschach mask


It’s hard to believe at first, but these sets of Rorschach masks actually feature moving ink blots thanks to the inclusion of 100% non-toxic heat-sensitive fabric ink which reacts to your breath. There are five designs to choose from, each of which are demoed in the video below. Why not get the whole set and fuel people’s nightmares for years to come?

Tron Lightcycle


Inspired by the 2010-released Tron: Legacy, this fully street legal replica motorbike features hub-less custom fitted truck tires and iconic blue electroluminescent strips outlining its futuristic body. So what if you have to lie near-horizontal to ride it? So what if it will need a second mortgage to buy it? Combine this with the replica Dark Knight motorcycle suit and the world will be yours for the taking.

Nike Back to the Future MAG trainers


Our excite-o-meter nearly busted a fuse when Nike announced a limited edition run of its Back to the Future replica MAG trainers back in September 2011, and although they don’t feature self-lacing technology (yet), there’s no denying their iconic coolness.

All of the trainers were long since auctioned off for charity, so your best bet to don one of these pinnacles of geek footwear is to hit up auction sites like ebay. Be prepared to spend at least the value of a second-hand car though.

Alternatively, you can hold out for Mattel to release its hoverboard replica, which we hope will be a less wallet-destroying option for some Back to the Future nostalgia.

Star Wars Force FX removable blade lightsabers


George Lucas would have killed for lightsaber props as accurate as these Force FX iterations. Officially licenced by LucasFilm, these high-quality replica lightsabers feature authentic motion activated sound effects and even have removable blades so that they can be attached to an included belt holster.

If we could buy two Darth Maul lightsabers, connect them up and wreak havoc from the back of a Tron bike while wearing full-body Batman armour, we would die very happy geeks indeed.

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