5 of the best movie-making apps

Not in the running for an Oscar this Sunday? Download these apps to get your movie career off the drawing board

8mm Vintage Camera (£1.19, iPhone)

Where Hipstamatic trod for stills, 8mm Vintage Camera follows for video. Classy, age-tinted footage that’ll hide poor quality camera skills. Or just look ace. We don’t judge. Super 8 (59p, iPhone) is a cheaper, but less versatile alternative.

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TimeLapse (£1.19, iPhone)

Make a claymation classic, capture atmospheric fast-moving cloud sequences for your documentary or make a Benny Hill tribute film. Android users can get their time lapse fix with Lapse It (£1.23, Android Market).

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VidTrim Pro (60p, Android)

The simplest and most effective editing trick is to top and tail scenes for greater effect in less time. Keep your footage snicked at all times with this cheeky cutting room app.

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Videocam Illusion Pro (£1.68, Android Market)

Apply cool filters to your footage and change film speeds and upload from within the app. You can store favourite effect combos for continuity, too.

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iMovie (£2.99, iPhone)

Bar none, the simplest tool to power edit, soundtrack, caption and transition your videos on the move. Roll credits.

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