5 of the best Mother’s Day gifts

A mother’s work is never done. Sweeten her up with a present to say thanks. One of these should do the trick

Vita R4i

£630, www.vitaaudio.com

The R4 all-in-one music system was a sweet bit of tabletop kit, so this supercharged upgrade that now has a DAB+ tuner and improved CD suspension should rock the worktop up to 11. You can buy mum the R4 now, or hold out until May for the souped-up R4i.

Motorola Defy

£350, www.motorola.com

Mums are like superheroes, only they work a bit harder. That’s why they need a rock solid sidekick like Motorola’s scratchprooof, dustproof, water resistant and knockproof Defy. See the hands-on and video review on Stuff.tv.

Nintendo 3DS

£230, www.nintendo.co.uk

Bag Nintendo’s new 3D handheld to give mum an excuse to make room for some downtime. We recommend picking up Nintendogs if you’ve selected a classic mum. Or Ridge Racer 3D if you went for the high-octane model. Both cost £35. See all our Nintendo 3DS stories.

Kodak PlayTouch

£170, www.kodak.co.uk

Did your mum miss out on a career as an award-winning movie producer? Maybe she did. Let her loose on you and your siblings (or grandchildren) with a PlayTouch in her hand and you’ll soon find out. Read our review here.

FridgePad Colour

£35, www.woodforddesign.com

So your mum didn’t go for the fancy fridge with a built-in TV. That doesn’t mean she didn’t want it. The FridgePad lets her magnetically mount an iPad or iPad 2 on the fridge door. And the new Colour edition comes (unsurprisingly) in a range of colours.

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