5 of the best luxury kitchen gadgets

Don’t let the recession put you off your food. Invest in some serious kitchen kit

Alessi Neapolitan Coffee Maker

£235, alessi.co.uk

Part bong, part design folly. But if your dinner guests still think you’re serving Nescafe after you serve up a round of Joe from this, it’s time to get new friends.

Bugatti Volo Toaster

£180, contemporaryheaven.com

No, it doesn’t toast your bread any faster than an ordinary toaster, but it does have a motorised lift to transport your slice in style. And redefine laziness.

Kitchenaid Artisan Food Mixer

£420, heals.co.uk

If the Kitchenaid was a car it’d have good specs: 4.8L, 10 speeds and, er, a dough hook. But you’re not going to use this – it’s clearly for looking at.

Henckels Twin Fin 20cm chefs knife

£70, cooks-knives.co.uk

That’s not a knife. This is a knife. An ice-hardened, carbon steel knife at that. Twenty centimetres of balanced cutting pleasure.

Habitare Ovetto recycling bin

£170, contemporaryheaven.com

Recycling. Good for the planet. Bad for your bin situation. Or it was until Habitare introduced this stunning – though admittedly pricey – sorter.


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