5 of the best London tech destinations

As the doors of the world’s most hi-tech hotel silently glide open, we check in with this lot

Inamo St James (Regent Street, London)

Down with old-fashioned restaurant clutter like menus and waiters. Inamo’s oriental fusion offerings are projected onto your table where you order with a mouse. Sadly, your drinks and meal are still delivered by a man in an apron, but it’s all too tasty for the lack of robot staff to put you off your food.

Ecclestone Square Hotel (Ecclestone Square, London)

The world’s most gadgety hotel decks out every room with an iPad 2, 3DTV and Blu-ray player. Curtains, lights and climate control are operated via a touch panel and there are colour-changing walls and a massage bed. Room service it is, then.

Science Museum Lates (Exhibition Road, London)

On the last Wednesday of every month, the doors of the science museum are opened for a child-free session of science gawping. All the explosions and interactive fun of the exhibition halls, none of the screaming school trip horde… and there are even temporary bars selling beer and wine. Get in.

Star Command Laser Tag (Trocadero, London)

When you and 34 of your closest mates need to let off a bit of steam, make sure that steam takes the form of a laser beam fired from a purpose-built gun. It’s not big and it’s not clever, but the quest for Star Command is pretty good fun.


Bruce Pennington exhibition (Museum Street, London)

Curated at the Atlantis Bookshop, this first-time collection of Bruce Pennington sci-fi art (runs until 27th August 2011) brings together the highlights of the award-winning illustrator’s massive body of work, including intergalactic citadels and plenty of bizarre aliens (one delightful example pictured).


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