5 of the best London Marathon upgrades

Last-minute essentials to make sure your 26-mile-long road doesn't lead to hell

Last-minute essentials to make sure your 26-mile-long road doesn't lead to hell...

Asics Gel DS Racer 8 £75

Your battered training flats have served you well, but now it's time to draught in a shiny pair of racers for the big day. Asics' Racer 8s weigh in at just over 200g are perfect for carrying those with a neutral gait to a new PB. Plus they come in blue, well known to be the fastest colour in the spectrum. 

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Nike+ Sportswatch GPS £180

Keeping tabs on your pace will give you a crucial edge over that man in the giraffe costume. This stylish number uses TomTom's GPS tech to track you without a clunky, energy-sapping add-on, and has a built-in USB connector in the strap so you can upload your stats straight after the race.

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Oakley Radar from £130

The forecast for this year's Virgin London Marathon is 'sunny intervals'. Save your Aviators for the winning podium and strap on these sharp shades for the race instead. They'll stay locked to your noodle and give you a clear view of the race thanks to their semi-rimless design.

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The North Face Better Than Naked Jacket £125

Those weather forecasters don't have a flawless record, so invest in this super-light waterproof to make sure a downpour doesn't leave you feeling laden. Its featherweight, breathable shell will protect you from the elements without adding weight, and mesh panels will ensure your (litres of) sweat evaporates.

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Pro-tec Roller Massage Stick £30

The race is over, and now the pain really begins – unless you use this massage stick to start ironing out some of those muscle knots and tight illiotibial bands. Do and a few short sessions and you might not have to walk back into work like Robocop on Monday.

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