5 of the best iPhone apps this week

Don't leave the App Store this week without these apps in your virtual trolley

1. Glmps £Free

This app records a short video as soon as you boot up your iPhone's camera, making sure that pre-photo prepping, posing and all-round "banter" is captured too.

At the moment, sharing is mandatory – you've got to sign in with Facebook or Twitter – so careful what you "glmps". Yes, we're using it as a verb already. 

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2. Cut the Rope – Experiments 69p

The sequel to Cut the Rope adds whoopee cushions and also scores you on how long you take to complete its 75 stages of bringing Om Nom his sugar. Read our full review here.

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3. Textpert £2.49

A plain text editor with sharing functions via email might be the app-soulmate your iPhone has been searching for. And why wouldn't it be? Textpert lets you create files and folders, set font sizes and colours and drag and drop to iTunes.

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4. Proximitips £Free

This free app brings together local feeds of news, tweets, tips and group deals which you can browse by street, suburb or city. There's an interactive map plus you can click through to book at restaurants if a discount takes your fancy.

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5. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions £10.99

We know this is an eye-widening price for an iPhone game but Ivalice fans, read on. Four years after Final Fantasy Tactics landed on the PSP, you can now get your turn-based strategy kicks on iOS, battling with your squad of characters by tapping units and menus and sliding and pinching maps to your heart's content. We know some of you are convinced.

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