5 of the best iPhone app accessories

Make your iPhone work just that little bit harder with this fine selection of app-cessories

RED 5 appWheel

£10, RED5

If you thought the Wii's Mario Kart wheel peripheral was a stroke of genius, you'll be particularly fond of RED5's spherical iPhone accessory. The iPhone has always been a virtual steering wheel, but it's more than a little annoying when your hands obscure the action. The solution? Transform it into an actual steering wheel – you can even reach the onscreen controls if you need to. Just slot in your iPhone/iPod Touch, fire up a driving app like Need for Speed or Death Rally to maximise your racing experience and let the fun times roll. Warning: expect bewildered points and stares if you decided to take this thing public.

Amplitube iRig

£26, Amazon

Carting around all your guitar gear can wreak havoc on your back. Luckily for you, iRig – coupled with the dedicated Amplitube app – is on hand to provide a typical guitarist's set up, compete with amplifier, effects pedals and a mini recording studio. We're sure we don't need to tell you how handy it will be to have a multi-faceted music box inside a device which weighs no more than a pack of biscuits. Just plug it into your iPhone's headphone jack, then slot your guitar and headphones/hi/-fi/amp into its sockets and get shredding.

RED5 appBlaster

£20, RED5

Augmented reality apps are awesome. Sure, you look a little special spinning 360 degrees while trying to shoot down a gang of aliens trying to attack your office block/home/train carriage, but who cares? It's fun. Designed to work specifically with a dedicated app called Alien Attack, this plastic shooter uses trigger to touch screen tech (read: two conductive pads which prod the screen when triggered) to take down your extra terrestrial enemies. Sadly it's the only compatible app, but hopefully by the time boredom kicks in RED5 will have launched the games it's currently working on, like Pigeon Shooting and Tin Can Shoot.


£60, iGrill

It's a meat thermometer for your iPhone. No, this isn't a joke. Before you hover the cursor over the 'next' button, give it a chance. It connects to your iThings via Bluetooth and will display the temperature of whatever you sink the probe into. It then takes that info and transmits it to your device for remote monitoring. There's even a kitchen timer and a temperature alert. So while you're chilling with your feet up on the sofa, you'll be safe in the knowledge your pork roast is coming along nicely. You do everything else with your smartphone, why not add meat thermometer to its ever-growing list of uses?

Whitings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

£110, Withings

Play real-life hospital without the stale smell, infection-ridden wards and constant cacophony of bleeps and buzzes. Coupled with the free Withings application, this handy blood pressure monitor allows you to check your stats through your iOS device minus the lifestyle lecture from your doctor. So if you're the kind who needs to check your blood pressure regularly, save yourself some time by hooking yourself up to this.


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