5 of the best iPhone 5 concepts

Despite all the gossip, the iPhone 5's still a mystery. We hope it's drawn inspiration from at least one of these brilliant concepts

5 of the best iPhone 5 concepts – by Vchenjingyuangel

It doesn't get more high concept than this. We heard the iPhone 6 might be getting a curved display, but this is just downright insane.

Perhaps years ahead of its time, Flickr user Vchenjingyuangel's flexible iPhone concept simply serves to remind us that while a razor thin phone with a bendy screen would undoubtedly be very cool, it would also be quite impractical.

Where does the battery go? What about a headphone socket? So many questions.

5 of the best iPhone 5 concepts – by Handyflash

It's probably safe to say that the iPhone 5 isn't going to be as thin as a Jacob's cracker – at least not until wafer thin batteries become mass produced. But a pancake-thin iPhone like Handyflash's concept would sure make for great eye candy.

Of course, gripping the sides to actually make a phone call would take extreme dexterity, but slipping it into your skinny jeans would be effortless.

5 of the best iPhone 5 concepts – by Ciccarese Design

Drawing on some obvious design cues from Apple's king of slim, the MacBook Air, this iPhone 5 concept by Ciccarese Design throws up a tapered form-factor we're not familiar with – but most certainly aren't against.

The iPhone's home button is still intact, but its upgraded edge-to-edge screen almost spills over the sides. How's that for eye candy? Unsurprisingly, its top-heavy design has earned it the nickname 'iPhone Air'.

5 of the best iPhone 5 concepts – by Antonello Falcone

Antonello Falcone's iPhone 5 concept has gone for edge-to-edge screen dominance, with a 4.6in display complete with curved glass edges. Its form factor is a tad longer than we're used to, but it's supermodel slim at just 8.4mm. It's also traded in the iPhone's traditional home button for a touch sensitive offering.

On the right, you're staring at a dashboard widget that works with the Notification Centre.

A bezel-free phone is probably a long shot – but hey, we can still dream, can't we?

5 of the best iPhone 5 concepts – by Michal Bonikowski

Unlike the majority of badger-licking-insane iPhone 5 concepts out there, Michal Bonikowski's design remains largely loyal to the established-loved iPhone aesthetic. It makes his sleek, drool-inducing take on the impending iPhone 5 pretty darned plausible.

Taking a design cue from the iPad 2, its curved behind isn't so far-fetched an idea considering the iPhone 5's cosmetic features are rumoured to include an iPad 2-style brushed aluminium backside. You'll also notice that Bonikowski has disposed of the mechanical home button, too, in favour of a touch-sensitive option. How close this concept will be to the real thing is something we'll have to find out come summer.

Like us, we bet you can't wait for the next iteration of Apple's wonder-phone. While you grit your teeth in impatience, why not reacquaint yourself with all the iPhone 5 gossip to date?

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