5 of the best iPad 3 concepts

With rumours of a March 7 release date for the iPad 3 reaching fever pitch, there's still time to dream...

5 of the best iPad 3 concepts – by unknown artist

Having cradled the sleek lines of the iPad 2, we're not sure this chunky iPad 3 would be welcomed with open arms. But we reckon we could overlook its girthier frame in exchange for the finger-friendly Mac-like experience provided by merging iOS and OS X.

Of course, in putting OS X on the iPad, Apple would run the risk of making the same damaging mistake Microsoft made in putting a desktop OS onto a tablet. Is it likely we'll see it on March 7?  Not a chance in hell. Do we still want one? Of course we do.


5 of the best iPad 3 concepts – by unknown artist

If you spot an iPad 3 rumour story on your web travels, it's likely to be accompanied by this rather delectable – and incredibly far-fetched – iPad 3 concept image.

Its anonymous creator certainly had their head in the clouds when dreaming up the iPad 3's spec list, complete with a 3D AMOLED display, 3D apps, the purported quad-core A6 processor and a slimmer chassis minus the home button.

We'd be surprised if Apple killed off the iPad's bezel for an edge-to-edge 3D display, but there's no denying this image is pretty drool-inducing, isn't it?

5 of the best iPad 3 concepts – by Guilherme Schasiepen

An iPad 3 that rocks the gorgeously high-end glass and stainless steel frame of the iPhone 4 and 4S is the dream of many. It's also the dream of Guilherme Schasiepen, who created this mock-up iPad 3 rocking an iPhone 4-inspired aesthetic.

Doing away with the iPad 2's aluminium backside and its slimline form factor, this iPad 3 concept's does away with the current iPad's design in favour of an oversized iPhone 4 guise.

5 of the best iPad 3 concepts – by Robert Vanhauwere

Dubbed the Ecological iPad 3, this concept design by Robert Vanhauwere puts Apple's pretty rectangle on a diet and gives it the green treatment, spawning the tag line "Faster, better and ecological". An iPad 3 offering improved performance and eco-friendly upgrades certainly isn't too far-fetched an idea.

Its wafer-thin physique might be a little harder to achieve, though, if the iPad 3 is going to get a beefed-up processor, improved cameras and a super-sharp Retina Display. iPad 6, perhaps?


5 of the best iPad 3 concepts – by Roman Vladimir

A glossy plasticky finish, a touch of class and curvaceous edges come together in this highly desirable iPad 3 concept. Other than giving the impression it feeds off fingerprints and doubles up as a mirror, it rocks an edge-to-edge display with a glossy finish, hinting at the hotly-anticipated Retina Display.

With the iPad 3 launch edging ever so closely to its purported March 7 release date, the rumour mill is in serious overdrive. We have all the iPad 3 gossip you need to feed your Apple addiction with our extensive rumour round-up. Check it out.

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