5 of the best iPad 2 accessories

As the US iPad 2 goes on sale, here are the five best add-ons for Apple early birds

Apple Smart Cover

US$40, www.apple.com

Smart Cover’s built-in magnets attach to the iPad 2’s face, while ingenious contortions allow it to be used as a stand for typing and viewing media. It’ll automatically wake or sedate your tablet and comes in a rainbow of polyurethane colour options or pricier leather alternatives.


Scosche goBAT II

£70, www.scosche.com

The goBAT II offers two USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously. Scosche reckons an iPad can be boosted up to 55% with a single charge, roughly offering another 5 hours of finger swiping nirvana.


Apple HDMI Adaptor

US$40, www.apple.com

This dongle charges while mirroring your iPad 2’s display in up to 1080p on an external screen so you can email, Facetime and finger-drum, all on the big screen.


Gear4 Angry Birds Case

£25, www.mobilefun.co.uk

What better way to flaunt your devotion to the irate avians than suiting up your beloved new toy in a protective case dedicated to their squawking honour?


Marware CEO Hybrid iPad 2 Case

£30, www.gearzap.com

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, which is why we appreciate the built in handle on this hardshell padded folio case. Not only will your iPad be protected from knocks and drops, but your typing-ravaged wrists will appreciate the extra support during those long Facetime calls on the road.



US$50, www.booqbags.com

Don’t be ashamed of your penchant for pen and paper in a world full of tablets. The 100 per cent recycled Booqpad includes a 50-sheet A5 notepad for scribbling like you did when it was taboo to touch screens.


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