5 of the best industrial grade gadgets

Why hide yourself away under boring plastic? These industrial icons lay their good looks bare

Kozo 20

£240 | kozo-lamp.com

It might look like something Super Mario built in his spare time, but perch this tubular pipe lamp on a desk or table and you’ll appreciate the direct light it will throw on your travails, plumberly or otherwise. Upcycled from galvanised iron pipes and connectors, we hope it’s the only U-bend you’ll want to show off to your mates. To complete the watery motif, a twist of the tap brings the bulb to life. A sea change from the flowing lines we’re used to, but it’s hard not to gush. Ahem.

FreedMan Chair

£1500 | freedmanchair.com

A chair that costs £1500 ought to have some pretty special talents. A Pringles dispenser, maybe, or a teleport button. The osteopath-developed FreedMan doesn’t have either of those, but it does promise to soothe spines by reinventing the way we sit, with concave seat pads set to the ‘golden angle’ of 27 degrees and six ‘back balls’ to relax your muscles. With a 99.6% aluminium construction it’s also incredibly light and has an impressively low carbon footprint. All that’s missing is the teleport.

Moulton Speed

£7500 | moultonbicycles.co.uk

Not all small-wheeled steeds have to fold (or commute) – the Speed is leading the charge to get small bikes big respect. Looking like the love child of a scaffolder and a NASA engineer, this British-designed-and-made bike is aimed at long-distance cyclo-sportive riders. Compact 20-inch wheels and a low-slung frame keep wind resistance low, and allow for closer drafting of others, while TARDIS-like feature-cramming leaves room for suspension at both ends of its sub-9kg build.

Rokform Rokstand v1 Stand/Rokbed Fuzion case

US$170/US$80 | rokform.com

Some people are happy to prop their iPhone on whatever’s nearby, be it a mug, monitor or a convenient cornish pasty. Others want a more illustrious phone throne. For them, only a stand with six cam-adjustable reclining angles, rubber non-slip feet, sound-enhancing speaker ports and the build quality of a tank will do. You can guess which group Rokform are targeting. The Rokstand may be overkill, but it’s glorious machined aluminium overkill.

DARWINmachine Hammerhead HMR989

US$2950 | darwinmachine.com

Some PCs have plain, modest boxes that belie their true power. Not so the Hammerhead, which scares off frumpy models with its ice-blue lighting and inside-out style. A CNC-milled, anodised aircraft-aluminium frame is set against translucent white ecoresin panels, and its quick release system allows you to rummage around in its guts with ease. Not that you’ll need to swap its 3.4GHz Core i7 Sandy Bridge chip or Nvidia GTX 550 Ti graphics any time soon.

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