5 of the best health apps

Sniffles? Find out if its mild man flu or full-blown plague with a quick visit to Dr App

Sniffles? Find out if its mild man flu or full-blown plague with a quick visit to Dr App...

NHS Direct

£free, Android/iOS

Delivering health assessments on the go for hypocondriacs, NHS Direct lets you check whether you’ve got E.coli or bubonic plague without having to fire up your PC. Sadly, it refuses to confirm man flu or dole out sympathy and chicken soup.


Pocket First Aid & CPR

$3.99, Android/iOS

Had an accident? There’s an app for that. First aid advice and an inventory of your first-aid kit are at your fingertips with Pocket First Aid, as well as allergy information and emergency contacts for the medics. Of course, all this assumes your Galaxy S II survives what your body didn’t.



£free, Android/iOS

Endomondo’s sports tracking app lets you challenge energetic friends to a GPS-fuelled, calorie-counting duel. It’ll give you audio pep talks as you pound the pavement and share the results with your Facebook crowd. Yes, even if you lose.

US Army Survival Guide

£free, Android/$2.99, iOS

Turn yourself from smooth urbanite to wild, grunting man of the prairie with a simple app download. Before you know it, you’ll be camouflaged to the nines, identifying poisonous snakes and berries and grappling with your next meal. Possibly.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

£120 + free app, iOS

Recreate the feeling of being a hospital in-patient without nasty side effects like fatal drug-resistant superbugs and doctors squirting chemicals into your veins. The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor lets you lie in your own bed feeling sorry for yourself while checking your vital stats several times a day.