5 of the best geek t-shirts

The sun might have his hat on, but we’re stepping out in these funky t-shirts so our arms can enjoy those warming rays
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The Daily Mash iPads t-shirt


We should hang our heads in shame. But The Daily Mash has a good point about our obsession with new and shiny gadgets and if it raises a chuckle at our expense, we’ll take it on the chin. Android fans: form an orderly queue.

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Cyclope by Blaise Coutaz


Finally the plight of cycloptic aliens faced with stereoscopic 3D is being taken to the streets. Wear this Cyclope t-shirt to promote awareness of our extra-terrestrial companions’ inability to enjoy three-dimensional tales of their Na’vi brethren. They want to trade in those specs for some active shutter tech, mind.

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Atari Vintage Retro Tee


Brands are rarely cool when they’re at the top of their game (Apple tee, anyone?). Past masters of tech you can salute, though. And whether you were generation 2600 or 520ST, this t-shirt marks you out as a gamer of real pedigree.

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I Drive at 88mph… Just in Case


Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. We may, on the other hand, need a t-shirt. This one will explain our sudden arrival to the denizens of another era. We hope.

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Yuri Gagarin t-shirt


You can’t be the first man in space without some serious time travel kit. You can however, put the first man in space – Yuri Gagarin – in pride of place on your chest in the vain hope that some of that glory’ll wear off. Worth a shot, right?

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