5 of the best geek posters

Want to spruce up your den this weekend? Here's some geek art to mark you out from the crowd

La Diva £50 geek-art.net

Oh, sure, your friends have posters from real concerts they've been to. You have a Justin Van Genderen poster for the concert aboard the spaceship in The Fifth Element. You are top nerd.

The Evolution of Video Game Controllers US$30 popchartlabs.com

Yeah yeah, your friends have video game controllers. You have a Darwinian infograph that charts 119 species and 11 genera of controllers over seven decades of gaming.

Pac Manhattan – Speedy's Revenge £50 8-bitscapes.com

Yep, your friends have holiday snaps. But do they have stunning cityscapes by Kevin Rozario-Johnson, populated with gaming heroes by Stuff contributor Jamie Sneddon?

What Was Once a Monster £60 michael-latimer.com

Your friends have nothing like Michael Latimer's dizzying landscapes of polygons, which looks like the architecture behind some strange, alien video game.

Hubble Ultra Deep Field Print £15 zazzle.co.uk

And do your friends have this? The largest picture ever taken: over 10,000 galaxies, captured over an 11-day exposure, appear in this massive 52in square print.

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