5 of the best geek bags

We list our favourite bags for geek swag. They’re how Mario smuggles his mushrooms over the border

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger

From US$149, Timbuk2

You are a beautiful butterfly: let your unique colours shine through. San Francisco based Timbuk2 specialises in custom satchels, letting you specify shape, size and colour. The company has just opened an HTML5 shopfront compatible with iPad, so you can design the perfect tote for your tablet. Our favourite combo is the Classic Messenger Bag, in the neon tones of a Tokyo migraine.

Dragonscale Bag of Holding

US$59.99, ThinkGeek

Crafted from genuine dragonhide (PVC leather), the Bag of Holding is named after a mystical artifact from Dungeons & Dragons. It has enough compartments to carry all of an adventurer’s potions and loot, as well as a 17in laptop. For extra kudos, the front features a d20 dice like the one used in the game, to let your companions know they are rolling with a true nerd.

Nintendo Bag

£35, National Media Museum (Telephone order from 01274 203448)

At last, a shoulder bag that will match your Nintendo Powerglove. Emblazoned with the control pad from the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the Nintendo Bag signals your undying loyalty to the Super Mario Brotherhood. Big enough to cart around a 15in laptop (or even an original Gameboy) the flap is reversible, with the other side featuring dozens of tiny controllers. The bag is now available from the National Media Museum in Bradford, home to the National Videogame Archive. It’s where old consoles go when they run out of lives.

Knomo Lincoln Briefcase

£80, Knomo

Made of waxed canvas that shrugs off water like Donald stepping out of the shower, the Knomo Lincoln is as close to watertight as they could make it. It will laugh in the face of a sudden rain storm, although might not manage scuba-browsing. Every bag comes with a unique ‘If Lost’ ID number, helping you and your bag to be reunited if someone finds it on the street. That said, with a briefcase this handsome, good Samaritans might return your laptop but keep the bag.

AT-AT Plush Utility Bag

US$24.99, ThinkGeek

Darth Vader’s war machine becomes the cutest lil’ weapon you ever did see. Shaped like the massive mechanical camels from The Empire Strikes Back, it’s perfect for carrying your textbooks or action figures. It’s not specifically designed for electronics, but could probably fit a tablet or small laptop. Besides, padding is insignificant compared to the power of the force.

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