5 of the best Father's Day gifts

Father's Day (this Sunday) is a great opportunity to give your dad some gadget love. Here are five perfect presents to brighten up your old man's special day

Sagem Sixty telephone

£100, firebox.com

Remind pops of the days of rotary dial telephones with this stylish update on a classic design. Don't let its retro exterior fool you: it's cordless and comes with a touchscreen that shows off caller ID and a phonebook. Plus, it made the Stuff Cool List 2011.

Audio Technica ATH-ES7

£140, Audio Technica

Perhaps not the best-looking pair of cans around, but then if your dad was fussed about style he'd probably be wearing a set of Beats By Dre lug-huggers. What the ES7s lack in looks they more than make up for in sound quality, and they're lightweight and comfy to boot.

Amazon Kindle

From £110, Amazon

Drag your old man's reading habits into the 21st century with the best ebook reader around. Lightweight, easy to use and the screen is fantastic to read from. Preload it with every Sharpe novel for bonus "son points".

Chambrer Draft Beer Dispenser

£120, Drinkstuff

If your dad loves a pint this draft beer dispenser (and cooler) could be the ideal gift. Compatible with both pressurised and non-pressurised 5 litre kegs, it automatically keeps beer at a temperature between two and five degrees and serves up pints with an effortless pull of the lever.

LP to iPod turntable

£130, IWOOT

Is poppa a vinyl junkie itching to get his record library stuffed into an iPod? This aptly-named gift does just that, with no PC malarky in between. Just spin the LP and tunes are transferred in real time.

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