5 of the best crazy vehicles

Forget supercars and electric bikes – embrace your inner geek with this collection of wacky transport



This 21st century hamster wheel for humans takes the relationship between man and the all-mighty wheel to a whole new level. Riders sit at the centre of this pedal-powered contraption and steering is taken care of by the shifting of body weight. The Monovelo was used in the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and you can even nab a glowing LED model for nighttime riding – you know, just in case you didn't think you were going to stand out enough.

JetLev Flyer


Remember those cartoons where some poor character would open up a fire hose, only to be flung about from its power like a rag doll? The JetLev Flyer harnesses the power of high pressure water into a jetpack, enabling you to fly 10m above a body of water. A hose attached to a motor pump unit supplies a constant stream of water while simultaneously stopping you from flying off into oblivion – a handy feature, we think you'll agree.

Hoverwing flying hovercraft


This flying hovercraft glides effortlessly over land and water thanks to its 130hp twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, but thanks to its unique design, it's also able to soar through the air up to 70mph at a height of 20ft. Ideal for giving the pedal boaters at your local park a mighty scare this summer.



This two-seater shark-like vessel packs in a 260hp supercharged engine and can reach up to 50mph above the water and 25mph below, up to a depth of 5ft. The cockpit features an LCD screen which transmits live images from an externally mounted camera and you can even acrobatically breach the surface of the water dolphin-style, for an extra kick of adrenaline.

Sea Lion amphibious car


Sure, there are plenty of supercars out there which can reach top speeds of more than 180mph, but can they also drive into a river and keep on going? Thought not. The Sea Lion prototype is the world's fastest amphibious land speed vehicle and is able to transform into a water-conquering beast in the blink of an eye. Fork up the cash and designer M. Witt will strive to work with you on all future modifications. May we suggest a black paint job for a more Batmobile-esque look?

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