5 of the best bike helmets

Keep your melon safe next time you go out on your bike – wrap it in one of these stylish lids


Bell Drop Jimbo Choke

£64.99, fudgecyclestore.com

Teaming up with legendary Californian skate artist Jimbo Philips, Bell has created this hand-laminated fibreglass helmet daubed with Philips’ signature eye-popping graphics. The helmet has eight air vents and is quite lightweight for a full-facer at 1007 grams. The perfect hat to wrap your noodle in for a spot of downhilling.


Casco Warp II

£229.99, cultracing.com

Promoted as the ultimate track competition helmet and worn by the GB track squad, the Warp II is lightweight, extremely solid and heat resistant up to 100°C – so you'll evaporate before it does. Topped off with an aviators-style mirrored visor, the helmet should fit your bonce beautifully thanks to its Disc Fit comfort system.

Catlike Whisper Plus

£119, wiggle.co.uk

Tour de France star Thor Hushovd’s lid of choice and worn by both the Orbea and Euskaltel-Euskadi teams. The Catlike Whisper has been thoroughly tested to ensure it will absorb crash forces in the most effective way, despite its light weight and superb 39-hole ventilation. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you.


Bern Brentwood

£65, evanscycles.com

This is a spectacularly versatile helmet with removable visor and winter lining, as well as sunglass channels for fitting your shades. Oodles of skate style and good helping of air vents mean the Brentwood should help you stay cool – both literally and figuratively speaking.

Yakkay Smart Two

£67, yakkayshop.com

There’s really no excuse to not wear a helmet any more, so choose one of these low profile helmets and pick your style. With covers ranging from flowery sunhats to herringbone baseball caps, there’s something for everyone – and you can always change the cover to match next season’s style.


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