5 of the best BBQs

Fire up the grill and cook up a storm with our selection of the best BBQs available

Black + Blum Barbecue and Herb Hot Pot

£100, johnlewis.com

If your pad doesn't have enough room to swing a pork chop, that doesn't mean you can't still get your grill on. This canny sizzler masquerades as a useful herb garden when not in use, ready to spring into action as a windowsill flamer. Would sir like fresh dill on his burger?

Bodum Fyrkat Cone

£139, bodum.com

Looking like Sputnik's Aussie cousin, the Fyrkat isn't your average sausage-scorcher. As well as looking great, it offers a host of cooking options. For starters it has two grilling levels, letting you accommodate almost twice as much food and cook it to perfection. Then there's the battery-operated rotisserie so you can cook a whole chicken or lamb joint on a Sunday arvo. Crikey, that smells good!

Cole Henley Table BBQ

from £2600, colehenley.com

Our only concession to gas grilling this season, the Table BBQ is for the reluctant grill chef who prefers to stay right in the thick of the social action, or just likes a good sit down. The three burner gas grill sits in the middle of the table so everyone can cook their own food exactly to their liking. Just be careful when passing the ketchup, eh?

Dancook Outdoor Kitchen

£350, heals.co.uk

As soon as you start setting up for a barbecue, you'll inevitably find you run out of space around the grill to do prep and, well, just put things down. If you want to be a true garden chef this outdoor kitchen system is just the job. It can be customised with different surfaces and even a sink module to fit your specific needs.

Kamado Joe Smoker BBQ

£720, planetbarbecue.co.uk

Smoking is bad for you – unless you're smoking food, that is. Wait, stop trying to take a drag on that sausage and listen. This ceramic cooker does it all – it's a stylish BBQ that can reach temperatures up to 400C, as well as an accomplished smoker and oven. Add a hot stone plate and it'll even do pizzas and bread!


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