5 of the best Bank Holiday toys

It's Bank Holiday weekend. Go on, treat yourself to something geeky

Thumbs Up Ear Phone Case £13

Thumbs Up

And the prize for whackiest iPhone 4 case goes to… a giant rubber ear. Following on from the success of its 1980s retro iPhone case, Thumbs Up has trumped itself with quite possibly the silliest mobile phone accessory in the history of mobile phone accessories. Buy two and you could try out your best Prince Charles impression.

iCade £80


It doesn't get much cooler than a retro arcade cabinet for your iPad. By paying homage to the arcade games of the 80s, you get a joystick, 8 retro buttons and access to 100 gaming classics courtesy of Atari. You will need to download the dedicated app – Atarari's Greatest Hits – though. On the plus side, it's free until you start loading up on games.

Chat Pillows £20


Pillows disguised as chat bubbles for 21st century, web savvy boys and girls make for a fine bit of geek chic. They're great for mocking, or paying homage to that special breed of people who talk in acronyms – like OMG, WTF? and LOL. Pillow talk has certainly been given a whole new meaning.

Logitech Joystick for iPad £13


If onscreen D-pads, joysticks and other virtual controls infuriate you more than they should, getting a tablet-tailored joystick is probably for the best. It attaches to your iPad's screen with little suction cups, while a coiled spring ensures force feedback so the joystick always returns to its central position. If you're a passionate iPad gamer, getting one of these should be high on your Bank Holiday shopping list.

Griffin CinemaSeat  £35


Who needs a TV built into a car head rest when you can bag yourself one of these nifty little contraptions? Obviously, having an iPad 2 would be hugely useful, too. Just adjust its strap to fit around your car's headrest, put your feet up and let the driver do all the work. It'd certainly speed up an arduously boring car journey, that's for sure. Not to mention keep the kids quiet.


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