5 of the best arty gadgets

It’s London Fashion Week and this Stuff is strutting with some arty gadgets. Like these

LG Optimus Black Keith Haring skins

The phone’s not even available yet, but already LG is sprucing up its Optimus Black with the colourful stylings of American pop art icon Keith Haring. That’ll teach those goths not to pre-order.

Pentax Optio RS1000 Chameleon

But is it art? You made it, you decide. Express yourself by decking out this 14.1MP point-and-shooter with some arty graphics. Customisable skins mean you can flit between Bacon and Banksy on a whim.

Proporta Ben Allen iPhone 4 covers

Apple doesn’t do arty. It does black, silver or white (if you’re lucky). Bo-ring. Luckily Brighton’s Ben Allen has lent some of his paintings to Proporta so they can reskin your iPhone (and stop it breaking if you drop it). Don’t tell Apple – they might send out the excitement police.

HP Pavilion dv6 Koopman

Laptops were always the last ones to turn up to the fancy dress party, but turn up they have, most impressively in the form of HP’s Rossignol edition Koopman. We’re not sure what mobile computing and skis have in common, either, but it sure is pretty.

Sony RDH-SK8iP

Like the Pentax, Sony’s dock lets the fickle gadgeteer change his spots. There are four options in the box and you can also make your own. Don’t dock your Ben Allen-skinned iPhone in it, though. The world might blow up. Or it might just clash a bit.