5 of the best April Fool gadgets

It’s prank o’clock until noon today and the world and his wife have been sending in bogus gadgetry. We liked these…

Gear4 iPan

Want to fry an egg? There’s an app for that. And a handle that plugs into the dock connector on your iPad. If the mention of Gillian McKeith in the promo spiel isn’t enough to put you off your breakfast, you’ll be disappointed to find Gear4’s sunny side up iPan treat is virtual (ergo inedible) and your wallet is £25 lighter.

Bacon Inhaler

The road to veganism is paved with obstacles, not least the temptation to scoff down a bacon butty every now and then. To the rescue comes the Bacon Inhaler, which promises to sate your cravings for porcine products even more effectively than ham patches. Yours for a tenner…


Although it comes in only two colours – natural and dark brown – The Monster Factory, creators of the NutCase (see image for all explanation needed) – are also planning a Union Jack design. We think it’d make a fitting wedding present for the royal bride and groom later this month. A cracking gift, you might say. Badum-tish!

Monkee Nut Jeans

Usually when you’re certified by the Soil Association you have to hand in your sense of humour when you pick up your credentials. So kudos to Monkee Jeans, which managed to keep back just enough to raise a smile with these skinny jeans that boost “crotch wear” resistance by some 600 per cent. Can’t say it’s a problem we’ve ever had, mind.

Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike

Best thing about this cardboard bike? Unpoppable tyres, made of – you guessed it – corrugated cardboard. And they’re mounted on quick-release “Rip/Tear” wheels. Designed, of course, in Germany. By two blokes called Zeug and Unsinn.

April Fool fail – Albelli 3D Photobook

Apparently Poland has been hiding a secret: for seven years, engineers in the central European country have been working on this – the glasses-free 3D photobook. Sorry, Abelli, but didn’t this technology used to fall out of cereal boxes in the ‘80s?

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