5 of the best Android travel apps

Don’t leave for the airport without these handy apps packed in your pocket 

The great British summer is never really all that great, which is why millions of us flee this temperamental climate every year for hotter, drier alternatives. Here are five of the best Android travel apps to ensure that your time abroad is well spent.

Convert Pad£free

This useful app converts every unit imaginable from weight, length and speed as well as having a real-time currency converter. Handy for avoiding the scolding of the boys in blue on those foreign motorways as well as getting a good price from those craft bazaar stall owners.


Harnessing the power of Google Translate in your pocket, TransZilla is able to convert text or speech in to over 50 languages, as well as offering the ability to share translations via SMS or email. Never get lost on the way to the library/swimming pool/post office/cat karaoke bar again.


A lifesaver for the chaotically organised amongst us, TripIt automatically scours your Gmail account for travel confirmation emails, ensuring that you’ll never rush in a blind panic for a flight again. Perfect for travellers who are constantly jumping continents from one cheap hostel to the next.

BackCountry Navigator Pro£6.23

This nifty little app will save you from being taken to the cleaners by your provider’s roaming fees as it utilises free offline maps and the power of GPS to provide topographical maps – perfect for avid hikers and backpackers.