5 of the best Android smartphones

Is your face thinking of smooching up to the mouthpiece of a top-of-the-range Android phone? Here’s our pick

Samsung Galaxy S II

from £500 SIM-free [read the review]

Wafers look fat next to Sammy’s dual-core Gingerbread slither. Iced with 4.3 inches of Super AMOLED Plus glass, the Galaxy S II’s 8MP cam is the cherry on top of this impressive Android cake.

HTC Sensation

£500 SIM-free [read the review]

If anyone can really claim to improve on Google’s stock edition of Android Gingerbread, it’s HTC, which – as usual – is touting its smart Sense UI skin from beneath that 4.3in Gorilla Glass screen.

Motorola Atrix

Free with contract [read the review]

Wait a minute… this phone isn’t even running Gingerbread. Nope, but cleverly skinned with Motoblur and capable of docking into a laptop dock to double as a Linux-based netbook, the 4in Atrix has plenty of other tricks up its sleeve.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

£430 SIM-free [read the review]

Sony Ericsson may have been late to pull out its best tricks at the smartphone party, but patience has paid off to those who waited. The Arc has 4.2in of glorious Gingerbread written across its face, and an impressive 8.1MP Exmor R sensor tucked behind its rear-mounted lens.

Google Nexus S

£430 SIM-free [read the review]

It’s been usurped in spec and style since it first showed its face at the end of last year, but Google’s home-grown (actually, Samsung) hardware runs unblemished Gingerbread, is virtually guaranteed to be first in line for updates and has NFC.

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