5 of the best albums for your street party

These new records will provide the perfect soundtrack to your Jubilee shindig

Throwing a relevant street/garden/warehouse party in honour of the Queen’s 60 years on the throne this weekend? Here are five new records that make your Jubilee that much more jubilant.

Slugabed – Time Team

The kids may be going mental for Skrillex, but Slugabed makes a wholly more sophisticated brand of dubstep: imagine Aphex Twin melding violently with the slick gangsta lean of 1990s West Coast hip hop and you’re getting warm. Glitchy, lush G-Funk-inspired bass music – and appropriately enough, made in England.

Saint Etienne – Words and Music by Saint Etienne

Saint Etienne are as much a national treasure as any of the Crown Jewels, and the synth-pop stalwarts’ first album in seven years is a bit of a cracker. As the title suggests it’s all about Music with a capital M – pop music, specifically, and how it can shape our lives.

Battles – Dross Glop

The remix version of Battles’ 2011 album Gloss Drop, Dross Glop (yeah, clever) offers a far more party-centric bent. If you’re more serious about good music than you are about the quality of the Battenburg cake you’ll be scoffing in Liz’s name, this is the record for you.

The Walkmen – Heaven

Ten years on from their debut, the New York indie stalwarts are back with their ‘happiest’, most mature record yet. With several songs featuring the backing vocals of Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold, Heaven is less messy and less mental than we’re used to seeing this band – there’s nothing as gloriously rabid as ‘The Rat’ here – but it could prove an ideal soundtrack to a quiet evening in the garden.

Miike Snow – Happy to You

The Swedes are back with more electro-pop. Polished to a dazzling mirror sheen, it’s all very, well, Scandinavian in feel – and despite nods to the dance floor it’s still accessible enough that it won’t send your gran running for cover.

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