5 of the best 2012 cars

2012 is set to be a vintage year for motoring. Speed away from 2011 in one of these

Toyota GT 86

Expected: £25,000 (June 2012)

Affectionately known as the Toybaru, the Subaru-Toyota GT 86 joint venture sees Scooby supplying the pistons and gearbox while Toyota bolts on the fuel injectors and body kit. The two-litre engine unbelievably musters nearly 200bhp, while the speedo tops out at 150mph. Performance like that at a price like this is going to shift fast.

Audi S8

Expected: £100,000 (summer 2012)

More power equals lighter fuel consumption. And no, we’re not bad at maths. Audi’s 2012 S8 cranks 520bhp out of its V8 4L block, pushing the tin (via an eight-speed ‘box) up to 155mph. Despite hitting 60mph from standstill in 4.2s, the S8 claims better efficiency thanks to an engine that intelligently shuts off cylinders when you reach cruising speed.

Tesla Model S

Expected: £4000 deposit (2012)

You might be eyeing a Nissan Leaf, but electric motorheads with any sense (and buckets of cash) are instead casting their adoring gaze over Tesla’s Model S. The battery-fuelled powertrain produces 415Nm of torque, catapulting the Model S to 60mph in 5.6 seconds (and then up to a maximum speed of 130mph). Pricing hasn’t been announced yet (€100,000 has been touted), but you’ll have to lay down a £4000 deposit if you want to preorder now.

Jaguar XF

Expected: £65,000 (2012)

All the class of a Jag, all the grunt of a Land Rover. That’s right, the Jaguar XF is pinching the (admittedly modified) four-cylinder block from the Stuff Award-winning Range Rover Evoque. It’s also had a nose job. And an eye job. We’re particularly keen on the new B&W stereo. Call us shallow…

Hyundai Veloster

Expected: £18,000 (2012)

Hot hatches were big in the ‘80s, but they’ve been usurped by toy cars with ridiculous body kits and stereos that only play bass. Hyundai’s redressing the balance with its 2012 Veloster, a 1.6L four-cylinder hatch that delivers 138bhp. It will, of course, be snapped up by teenagers who want to slap on a flimsy plastic spoiler, swap out the exhaust for a coal scuttle and install a stereo that sounds like it’s been submerged in a bathtub. At least Hyundai tried, eh?

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