5 apps for you to download this weekend

Amazon MP3 for Android – Android phones, freeAmazon has piped up this week with a new app to give Android users an easy way to get songs direct to the

Amazon MP3 for Android – Android phones, free

Amazon has piped up this week with a new app to give Android users an easy way to get songs direct to their mobile while out and about.

You can browse through Amazon's MP3 library of more than 10 million songs, listen to snippets and then download tracks over the air, directly to your phone. It will work over both Wifi and 3G networks, giving Android phones a rival to the iPhones iTunes. Hurrah!

Get it – search "Amazon MP3" in Android Marketplace from your handset

For fans of Lomo photography, this app turns your less-than-impressive iPhone snaps into funky, retro works of art. Well, maybe not quite, but it certainly makes a regular snap look more impressive (take a look at Tom Wiggins' effort with some jelly beans). Think the familiar vignetting, blurring and over-saturation from the days of quirky film photography, and you'll get the idea.


You'll be able to choose from a number of different lenses to get your desired look, as well as different films and a flash-like effect as well. You can even buy extra "Hipstapaks" for additional options if you can't get enough, and upload all of your efforts directly to Facebook. Marvellous.

Android users should look out for Vignette on the Android Market.

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Making long journeys can be pain enough without getting caught in a traffic jam. This new app from the RAC will help you avoid any unnecessary hold ups by delivering real time traffic info direct to your iPhone or Android handset.

Using GPS, the app is able to pinpoint your location and provide up-to-the-minute traffic updates from Trafficlink about conditions in your region, or alternatively you can check out traffic in other parts of the country.

If there are any problems, the app will show you the start and end points of the congestion, overlayed on to Google Maps and backed up with a text summary. Handy, and all for free as well. Bargain.

Get itiTunes, for Android search for "RAC Traffic" in the Android Marketplace from your handset

Tiger Beer has released an iPhone app that incorporates a rather lovely augmented reality tool (works with iPhone 3G S only) to show you where your nearest pint of Tiger Beer can be served.

Being released to promote the Chinese Year of the Tiger, the app gives users on screen directions to establishments serving Tiger Beer in 8 cities, as well as reviews of these bars & restaurants compiled by Dazed and Confused magazine.

There's even a game thrown in as well for you to play once you've made it to your watering hole of choice. A very slick looking app, and definitely worth a download for nada.

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We told you yesterday about Nokia's update to Ovi Maps, which will offer you satnav busting turn-by-turn voice navigation for free.

Not just that, but you'll get lane directions, traffic information, speed camera warnings, and for walkers, short cuts through parks and pedestrian only zones.

There will be 180 maps included, with voice direction in 74 of them so you can take your phone with you on holiday and not have to worry about getting lost.

Have a read about it and what we think, and be sure to let us know if you've got any more app download recommendations below.

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