5 apps to download this weekend

Looking for some new apps to play with this weekend? Why not give some of these a try...The Good Food Guide – iPhone, £4.99Britain’s longest-running r

Looking for some new apps to play with this weekend? Why not give some of these a try...

The Good Food Guide – iPhone, £4.99

Britain’s longest-running restaurant guide has joined the digital age, and is now available on the iPhone.

If you’re looking to treat yourself and your other half or get out with your mates this weekend, you might want to check out your choice of restaurant first to make sure you’ll be getting good nosh for your hard-earned cash.

This app will let you do just that, with full reviews, location and contact details and price range and websites links.

It’ll even use the built-in GPS to find restaurants close to you and allow you to leave your comments after your visit.

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Following the success of the Curse of Monkey Island, another great point-and-click classic has arrived on the iPhone.

You’ll join journalist Nico Collard as she jaunts around Paris trying to solve a murder at the Palais Royale.

The Director’s Cut gets a new narrative thread alongside the original storyline, so even if you completed it years ago you can play it all over again without knowing it all.


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Google has gone visual, and if you own an Android phone running version 1.6 or above, you can take advantage of this new app.

All you need to do is snap a picture within the app, and Google will try and match it with images in its library to bring you back information you might require.

For example, take a picture of a landmark or piece of artwork and get details on its history; take a picture of a book, and get reviews and links to buy it; point your camera at a store and get details of other things nearby – you get the idea.

It’s still being tweaked, but it’s a lot of fun. A favourite in the Stuff office is to take a photo of your face and see what it comes back with. We had some hilarious results here…

Get it – search the Android Marketplace for “Google Goggles”

For the Wordpress bloggers among you, there is now an official Wordpress app to keep you scribbling down your thoughts on-the-go.

From the app you’ll be able to configure and manage multiple blogs, reply to and moderate comments, create and edit both pages and posts, including tags, categories and photos.

Even better news is that its open source, so here’s hoping that developers get to work on it sharpish and boost its functionality even more.

Get it – search the Android Marketplace for “Wordpress for Android”

So it might be a practical app, but it’s a handy one for those of you that would say budgeting is not one of their better qualities.

Simply just pop in how much money you have for the month, and track your expenses as they happen.

You’ll be able to see at a glance how much money you’ve got left for the month, and how much that gives you per day.

You’ll also be able to track your spending over previous months, see what you’re most spending your money on and even get a CSV export of your transactions.

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If we've missed a must-have app, let us know what it is below.