4in Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini coming October 11th

Pint-sized Galaxy S3 phone may buck the trend for small smartphones with lower specs

Bucking the trend for bigger mobile phone screens, Samsung is set to release a 4in version of its Galaxy S3 smartphone.

Confirming rumours that a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is coming, Samsung Mobile Communications head JK Shin revealed that the company will be launching a "4in Galaxy S3" on October 11th in Germany.

Intriguingly, Shin also notes that "some call it an entry-level device, but we call it 'mini'." It suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini may be a full-featured smartphone with a smaller display, rather than compromising on the internals.

That would be welcome news for gadget fans with small hands – the trend for the last few years has been for manufacturers to relase lower-specced phones with small screens. It would also place the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini in direct competition with Apple's 4in iPhone 5 – let the battle begin!

[iNews 24 via The Verge]

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