3's MiFi – personal mobile Wi-fi service incoming

Mobile network 3 is set to launch a mobile Wi-fi service that'll act as your own personal wireless hotspot wherever you are.Known as MiFi, the service

Known as MiFi, the service will allow you to connect any Wi-fi enabled device to the internet wherever you are – that is, as long as you are within 3's 3G coverage areas.

The wireless modem is smaller than your average mobile, and will allow you to hook up multiple devices at the same time. There's no software to faff around with – you'll just need to turn on the modem, connect to mobile internet via Wi-fi and then find your personal connection on the devices you want to use.

You'll be protected from freeloaders by an eight-digit network key which you'll need to enter for every new device you connect, but once that's done, you won't be asked again.

There's been no pricing announced for MiFi as yet, but we do know it will be hitting shelves in time for Christmas this year. Let us know what you think to the upcoming service below.