3GSM: Motorola loves your face

[intro]I've been getting all touchy-feely with Moto's new releases, including the bendy RIZR Z8 and new Moto Q[/intro] Motorola's 3GSM stand is

Motorola's 3GSM stand is decked out in various commute-based paraphernalia that makes it look like a particularly clean and spacious underground carriage. Why it's opted for this design is anyone's guess, but that's the crazy world of mobile telephones for you.

Altogether less perplexing are Moto's new releases. I got all touchy-feely with the RIZR Z8 (above), and am really, really fond of it. The 'kick slider' mechanism Moto is shouting about amounts to a handset that can match the contours of your face. It's not just curved, it's bendy too, so even David Coulthard could get it to custom fit.

The phone feels remarkably solid and the QVGA screen is excellent. The one I used was playing back a marketing video of some sort and the quality was superb (full screen 30fps, apparently). Its lurid green detailing may not be to all tastes, but if there's one thing Moto knows backwards, it's alternative colourways.

Video is a big deal for this phone as it comes pre-loaded with Sky Anytime software for getting VoD and remotely programming your Sky+ box. Streaming and keeping data will be viable options, too, as it packs up to 4GB of microSD storage and HSDPA. And to top it all off, the Z8 is Symbian, making it an open-source smartphone. Nice one.

Other Moto delicacies included the Moto Q q9, an HSDPA-enabled, multimedia-centric version of the skinny Windows Mobile smartphone. I liked the keyboard and was demoed 'Good Mobile Messaging' tech, which makes it incredibly simple to set up your personal and corporate email accounts for mobile use. It also has Bluetooth A2DP – hence the picture with wireless cans – and the new Windows Mobile 6.0 software was surprisingly nippy in operation.

The KRZR got an update in the form of the K3, which is very similar in form to the original slightly elongated clamshell but has an altogether more sensible appearance. My own twisted attractiveness sensors actually preferred the original KRZR till I discovered this has HSDPA, too - the K1 was mere 2.5G, so it's impressive that they managed to fit the new tech into the same chassis.