3G iPhone week – iPhone timeline

1955 Mama Jobs has a baby. Calls him Steve.1976 – 1999 Jobs starts Apple computers. Dreams up, amongst other things, a mobile phone that can do

1976 – 1999 Jobs starts Apple computers. Dreams up, amongst other things, a mobile phone that can do anything. He tells no one.

1999 Apple acquires the domain name, which today still redirects to the company’s homepage.

2002 Rumours of an Apple-branded PDA or phone increase, although Jobs refuses to divulge any information. The first “leaked” pictures appear on the web, most bear no resemblance to the finished article.

2002/2003 Apple applies for a trademark on the name iPhone in various countries.

March 2006 An application to the European Patent Office by Apple reveals it has submitted an application for “database programs for handheld devices”.

November 2006 reports Apple has placed an order with a Taiwan factory to produce 12 million handsets.

December 2006 The industry speculates on the now infamous, but still not real, device, and includes a frighteningly accurate mock-up.

December 2006 The iPhone is announced! But it’s a VoIP handset from Cisco. Were all the Apple rumours a planet-wide joke?

9 January 2007 Steve Jobs puts millions of fanboys out of their misery by finally announcing the iPhone at Macworld. It surpasses most expectations. manages to get hands-on with the new touchscreen beauty.


25 May 2007 The first iPhone clone appears in China – beat that, cardboard iPhone!

4 June 2007 The US release date of the iPhone is announced. It’s 29 June.

8 June 2007 An eagle-eyed forum user spots a mystery twelfth app on a press image of the iPhone. More speculation abounds.

11 June 2007 Fresh iPhone info bubbles up. Namely, its version of Safari will support web 2.0 apps and Google docs.

 20 June 2007 YouTube is announced as the iPhone’s mystery twelfth app.

29 June 2007 It's the date the world has been waiting for (or the US at any rate). The iPhone finally hits the stores. And we manage to get our mitts on one! People bemoan the lack of 3G, but there are rumours of a 3G UK release

23 August 2007 Hackers unlock the iPhone from the AT&T network And using a programme nicknamed Jailbreak, hackers enable the iPhone to take personalised desktop images, wallpapers and ringtones.

5 September 2007 Apple announced the iPhone sans phone function - the iPod touch.

18 September 2007 Apple announces operator 02 will get the iPhone, exclusively, and will launch on November 9 in the UK for £270. Brits start tapping their foot.

25 October 2007 iPhone is named the Coolest Gadget in the world by Stuff at the Stuff Cool list awards. It also picks up the reader’s choice award.

9 Nov 2007 iPhone lands in the UK on the O2 network and rumours already abound that a 3G version will be announced at Macworld. The 3G rumours don’t stop from then on…



17 Jan 2008 No 3G iPhone at Macworld, but a series of welcome updates, such as sending multiple texts – well, dur.

5 Feb 2008 Still no 3G iPhone, BUT the announcement of a 16GB model keeps the fanboy massive placated.

6 March 2008 iPhone SDK day – yaaay! Still no 3G iPhone, but push email and a new “App store” button to download all the lovely new 3rd-party goodies. Including an accelorometer-based Super Monkey Ball.

10 March 2008 Still no 3G iPhone, but the Beeb jump into bed with Apple, revealing an iPhone-friendly version of iPlayer is on the way.

March-present The 3G iPhone rumourmill goes into overdrive, with tales of imminent release, ranging from June to a hopeful “tomorrow” as retailers run dry on current models.

15 April 2008 The iPhone 8GB gets a £100 price drop. Early adopters claw their ears off.

29 May 2008 Stuff is officially invited to  WWDC on 9 June. Surely not just to witness some software upgrades. We launch 3G iPhone week, although we started early, so it’s actually an iPhortnight…

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