3G iPhone tomorrow?

Ok, ok. These 3G iPhone rumours are starting to get pretty tedious. But something’s surfaced this weekend that will relieve you from your Apple&

Both the UK and US Apple stores are fresh out of the 8GB and 16GB models, and aren’t replenishing stocks. That's on top of Carphone Warehouse and O2's depleted store cupboards. Add to that talk last month that Cupertino would drop a new iPhone prior to WWDC and we’re staring down the barrel of an imminent release.

Apple’s fondness for updating its online store on a Tuesday has got us salivating at the prospect of clamping our eyes on a 3G model as soon as tomorrow.

We know now for sure that we’re getting one soon. Leaks of the 2.0 firmware show the ability to switch 3G on and off. So come on Apple, quit teasing and just show us what you’ve got.


3G iPhone

Price: £TBA

On sale: 2008

Contact: Apple