3G iPhone rumourmill

Tiring of trying to keep up with the constant gossip and downright twaddle being talked about the Apple’s much–touted 3G iPhone? Well let

Rumour – the 3G iPhone will take after Joseph and go technicolour probability factor – 6/10

Incredibly shady versions of “Apple ads” (read weak Photoshop efforts) point towards a black, white and red model of the holy blower. The ads themselves are blatantly fake, but the chance of a few hues isn’t that unlikely. But white? A bit “iMac in 2006” for our money.

Rumour – it’ll cost next to nothing, or at least come cheaper probability factor – 7/10

Remember when O2 dropped the price? Wouldn’t it be nice if it stayed that cheap. Well, there’s a good chance it might. In France, Orange lackeys have already been working the phones offering punters already packing the iPhone a cheap upgrade and have said they’ll sell it for a knockdown price. Here’s hoping.

Rumour – you’ll be able to get it on any network probability factor – 1/10 in UK and US, 8/10 everywhere else

Hate O2? Then you’re going to have to hack your 3G iPhone. The network’s already said they’re in on the announcement on June 9 and it’s impossible to think any other player will have a chance to sell Apple’s cell, at least this year. Same deal in the US we reckon. French, Italian, Swiss and Aussie Apple lovers can pays their money and make their choice though.

Rumour – it’ll come toting WiMAX probability factor – 2/10

Intel’s next gen superfast wireless system is supposedly making it into the 3G iPhone. This would make using the web lightning quick, as long as you were under the right wireless cloud. We’re calling bulls**t, mostly because no one really has it yet and Intel’s prediction of ten million WiMAX users worldwide by 2010 seem wildly optimistic. On the next iPhone though...

Rumour – .Mac will get a revamp with push email for iPhone probability factor – 8/10

Try all you like, the iPhone just isn’t dull enough to be a business phone. Juicing up .Mac and offering push email as well as over–the–air syncing for calendars and contacts, however, could make it a proper work plaything as well as a much–lusted after toy. It would fit neatly with the developer aspect of WWDC too and certainly make .Mac worth a punt.

Rumour – the French already know what it looks like probability factor – 0/10

A mock–up of the supposed 3G iPhone arrived on the net about a month ago. The thing is, it looks rubbish. Really rubbish. Surely Apple wouldn’t sully its reputation for world–beating style with such a weak effort. We’re filing this one in the ‘pack of lies’ folder.

Rumour – it won’t come out at WWDC probability factor – 3/10

We’re not really willing to give this one too much thought. We’ve already received an invite to Steve Job’s keynote on 9th June, and what’s the point of flying us half way round the planet to check out the v2.0 software update? That’s what we think anyhow. That or you’ll be getting hands on coverage of some hot new apps and that’s about it.

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