3G iPhone rocks up Down Under

Man alive things are getting stupid. With no discernible facts about Monday’s supposed 3G iPhone announcement, the Aussie Apple fanatics at MacT

The photo, received from a “very reliable source”, shows a hefty container bearing the warning, “Subject to the terms of NDA. Do not open until June 10th 2008.”

Seeing as the keynote doesn’t actually take place until 10 June, Sydney time, it’s a fair bet that hiding under that frankly dull cardboard is the phone we all want to see.

It’s believed the Aussies will get their mitts on the cell itself on 19 June, the day Sydney’s Apple store finally opens. Surely that’s not fair if we’re not getting ours until August?

Still, it kind be something else entirely. That’s the thing about writing about unopened boxes, you don’t actually know what’s in them. Ho hum.

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