3G iPhone “in coming weeks” – O2

Tales of the 3G iPhone are, let’s be honest, getting pretty tedious. But today a trustworthy source at O2 has finally confirmed what we all know

Matthew Key, head of Telefonica Europe, the company behind O2, who jointly announced the arrival of the original iPhone in the UK with Steve Jobs last October, said they’d be making an announcement with Apple, “ the coming weeks.”

Speaking at a press conference this morning, he went on to say he didn’t have a specific date, as that was, “...down to Apple.” However he did go on to say, “...we will do a joint announcement with Apple as Telefónica Group.”

That suggests it’ll be coming out across Europe at the same time as the UK, in line with speculation that everyone would be getting 3G action right away.

O2’s already sold out of the EDGE–based iPhone. With WWDC in a few weeks, surely it’s a given that Jobs will out the second coming of the holy phone at the beginning of June. Let’s hope so, we’re getting bored of all this idle chatter.


3G iPhone

Price: £TBA

On sale: June

Contact: Apple