3DTV heading to terrestrial telly

Albert Square with perceivable depth is a worrying thing indeed...

Whether it’s seen as an entertainment revolution, or an eye-crippling fad, it’s undeniable that 3D tech is pulling no punches in its assault on our living rooms.


The recent approval of the DVB-3DTV terrestrial specification (more exciting than it sounds) means that more and more of us are now one step closer to permanently donning big goofy glasses on our heads.


The fancy-sounding specification essentially means that the folk over at the Broadcasting standards body have approved 3D content to be pushed through HDMI cables or pumped straight into sets via built-in tuners.


As with Sky 3D’s already established offering, Full HD quality will take a hit, as the resolution has to be halved to account for the fact that evolution gave us two eyes.


Fingers crossed, the adoption of 3D tech will be quick and painless so that we can move on to the next important technological breakthrough in viewing pleasure. Smell-o-vision, here we come…