3D print your own toy robots with interchangeable parts

Fancy creating your own adorable Lego-like mini robots? Well now you can, thanks to the marvels of 3D printing

3D Systems has announced a range of Cubify toy robots whose interchangeable parts can be forged with a 3D printer.

Although you can buy the robot parts pre-assembled for US$5, the real fun for 3D printer owners lies in making your own robot bits – pay 99 cents for a 3D source file and you can print as many components as you want.

Although lacking wires, cables or indeed any electronics at all, you can swap out the parts and customise these Lego-like robots customised to your heart's content – you can even, should the mood take you, design and print your own personalised parts for your robot creations.

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[3D Systems via Engadget]

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