32GB iPhone and iPhone nano – more rumours surface

MWC is about to unleash an unholy number of new mobiles on us, but there's still one cell that's commanding all the attention in the run up to the big

Yep, talk of the 3rd gen iPhone just won't go away. Having already been mooted for a June release, now another analyst has weighed in with his tuppence worth.

Peter Misek is talking up the likelihood of three new variants of Apple's cell, with a 32GB 3G model, a 2.5G model for China and India, plus the much–hyped iPhone nano.

He says the latter will be a third of the size of the current model and cost two thirds less. Sounds fishy to us. Either way, expect these rumours to keep on rolling now Apple has some hardcore competition from the Palm Pre and Toshiba TG01.

Via Seeking Alpha