3 launches 'Mobile Web' and 'Wireless Web' services

Walled garden, you say? Not any more. The UK's first 3G network has launched two new services today, allowing the network's users to surf the 'proper' internet for the first time

Having endured a couple of year's worth of criticism for not allowing users to surf the full 'net, preferring to seal them off from the horrors of the web via its own portal, 3 has finally let go of the reins.

Well, nearly. 3 has opened up its network to a number of 'approved' sites that are optimised for mobile web viewing. The premise behind it is that up until recently, most sites provided mobile users with a nightmare 'surfing' experience. The list of approved sites will grow over the coming months, with the opportunity for users to suggest URLs, they'd like to see optimised for viewing. 3 will charge a flat fee of £2.50 per month for 5MB of content, or around 500 web pages.

Secondly, 3 has enabled its phones for modem work. Connect your 3 phone to your laptop via a data cable and for £45 per month (512MB of data), you can nip around the internet to your heart's content.

We'll be checking out the service and will give you our considered, invaluable opinion very shortly.

Check out the details here.