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3 launches “Books on the go” eBook service

Sony's new Reader, shown off at CES, might be the scholarly choice for digital bookworms, but today it's the turn of another mobile network to get in

3 is following in the steps of Vodafone, launching a tie–up with GoSpoken.com, the brainchild of Alan Partridge’s favourite author, Andy McNab. The new service, dubbed Books on the Go, will offer over 1,000 titles which you can download straight to your mobile in text or audio format.

Prices start at £2, with punters getting the chance to download extracts for as little as £1. Great if your mobile’s got less storage than a five–year–old USB stick. Still, it remains to be seen if this really is a worthwhile way to read books – surely screens, even that of the massive HTC Touch HD, are far too small for a weighty novel.

Can 3’s new service rival the likes of the Nintendo DS’s 100 Classic Book Edition? Or even the Sony Reader? Tell us what you think in the comments section.


3 Books on the Go

Price: From £1

On sale: Now

Contact: 3