3 and T-Mobile to combine UK 3G mobile network

We all love a bit of 3G action on our mobiles, a quick headcount round the Stuff office reveals at least half have swapped movie files, or taken part

All that’s about to change, as 3G mobile operator 3 and the folks at T-Mobile are teaming up to offer the biggest baddest 3G coverage the country’s ever seen.

The two companies will share each other’s 3G network to offer ‘almost complete population coverage for 3G services across Britain by the end of 2008’, they say. They also think it’ll be Europe’s biggest, fastest HSDPA network ever. Ever.

After that’s done, the companies plan on upping the quality of the service by the end of 2009, so you won’t be cut off all the time or have to listen to low bit-rate mates chatting away.

T-Mobile and 3 won’t be sharing their 2G networks though, but they will be getting rid of an army’s worth of doubled-up masts around the UK – meaning the countryside might start looking a little better in the process.


3/T-Mobile 3G partnership

Available: 2008

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