25 old-school gaming apps to download

Stuff picks 25 of the best classic games reborn as apps

We're suckers for viewing a game through rose-tinted glasses, but some of Yesteryear's classics make for a perfect mobile gaming experience. Here are 25 of the best old-school games reborn as apps...

SimCity Deluxe £2.99, iOS

The game that made it seem fun to be part of a city planning committee. As with the 1989 original, build your metropolis from the ground up, watching the coffers fill and dealing with the problems.

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Colossal Cave Adventure £free, Android

The original text-based adventure game, from way back in 1976. Wonderfully simple, and spawned numerous other opportunities for kids to type rude words into games.

The Secret of Monkey Island 59p, iOS

Duel by trading the most cutting insults and constantly defend the name of Guybrush Threepwood. This is a point-and-click pirate adventure with more than a dash of comedy. Swiping across the screen with two fingers switches between the original 1990 version and the much shinier-looking Special Edition, and the sequel is also available to buy.

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Worms £2.99, iOS

There's something devilishly satisfying about karate-chopping someone else's worm off the edge of a cliff. Use your crack squad of multi-talented invertebrates to decimate the opposition's similarly slimy wrigglers. Hard to believe this first wormed its way into our hearts 15 years ago, in 1995.

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Pac-Man £2.99, iOS/£3.13, Android

Gobble all the pills, avoid the ghosts... Simple. And yet just difficult enough to keep millions of us coming back for more since 1980.

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Final Fantasy £2.39, iOS

The most consistently awesome and engrossing RPG series started on a high in 1987. Unlike the more recent games, the inaugural FF featured cutesy sprites but plays very similarly, with the turn-based combat and world map that many will find familiar. And once you've finally battled through this fantasy, you can move on to Final Fantasy II.

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Space Invaders £2.99, iOS/£3.13, Android

Stop the aliens' advances by, well, just shooting them out of the sky. The original iconic shoot-'em-up first invaded arcades in 1978.

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Bubble Bobble Double £2.99, iOS

The loveable Bub and Bob first appeared in 1986, blowing bubbles and leaping platforms to kill all the enemies in each level. This iPhone version features both the original Bubble Bobble game and a new touchscreen-friendly adventure.

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Sid Meier's Civilization IV: War of Two Cities £2.99, Android

Megalomaniacal tendencies? Rule the world in CIV4 (as it’s been known to its friends since 2005) by force, by popular election or by cultural and technological superiority. So, by force, then. Download, wage war, win.

Bomberman Touch £2.99, iOS

Strategically place bombs to destroy boulders and enemies, grabbing the goodies left in their wake. With challenge and battle modes, gameplay is still true to the first 1983 Bomberman, and there's a multiplayer mode via Bluetooth.

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Pong 59p, iOS

Imagine tennis broken down to 1-bit graphics and two dimensions. The racquets are simple lines capable of moving up and down only, the ball is square, the net isn't really a net… So, it's just as well we cared little about realism in 1972 and just enjoyed the immense pleasure of batting a square ball back and forth.

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Sonic the Hedgehog £3.49, iOS

Super-fast gameplay, cute characters and a catchy soundtrack cemented the blue hedgehog's place in gaming history from the moment he rolled onto the Sega Mega Drive in 1991.

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Tetris £1.79, iOS

This addictive, block-dropping 1984 puzzler needs no introduction. So, er...

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Doom Classic £1.19, iOS

Wolfenstein may have set the first-person-shooter ball rolling, but Doom set off the avalanche. Still as fun and atmospheric as it was in 1993.

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Frogger 59p iOS

Get your amphibian friend to the other side of the road without him sticking alongside all those poor squirrels in a 4x4's tyre tracks. There are options to play using the original 1981 graphics (rather than the only-slightly-better new ones) or in game modes such as Inferno and Turbo.

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Space Ace £2.99, iOS

The very epitome of “looks better than it plays”, 1984's Space Ace is nevertheless worth a look for a visit down memory lane – and a reminder that someone actually put games on LaserDisc once.

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Duke Nukem 3D 59p, iOS

Duke's mean mouth and massive weapons give this 1991 first-person shooter more soul than most. Worth clicking on all kinds of random things, just to hear those classic Duke soundbites.

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Q*Bert Deluxe £1.19, iOS

Ah, that old isometric-platform trick, eh? 1982's Q*Bert sees the character of the same name bouncing around the pyramid to change the colours of the blocks, while being chased by a purple snake.

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Flashback £1.19, iOS

The rotoscoped animation of the main sprite was what made Flashback stand out from other platformers in 1992. Wait, that's not as dull as it sounds! Watching our hero pull himself up off a ledge or jump across gaps is joyous, and the hand-drawn backdrops are lush.

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Streets of Rage £1.79, iOS

Sideways-scrolling beat-'em-ups don't get much better than this 1991 Mega Drive classic. A choice of characters, simultaneous two-player mode and some innovative levels add up to a game you just have to finish.

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Simon the Sorcerer £1.19, iOS

A point-and-click great from 1993 with some classic scenes and witty dialogue voiced by Chris "Arnold Rimmer" Barrie. Shame about the silly hat and dressing gown, though.

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Wolfenstein 3D Classic £1.19, iOS

The daddy of first-person shooters, allowing us to stare down the barrel of its gun since 1992. Escape from Castle Wolfenstein by shooting lots of Nazis.

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Golden Axe £1.79, iOS

One of the all-time-classic coin gobblers. Choose between barbarian, amazon and dwarf and get hacking like it's still 1989. Jumping on a dragon for fire-breathing carnage is a must.

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Pole Position: Remix £1.79, iOS

As the name implies, this is far from a simple port of the original 1982 arcade racer. Far better graphics and tilt control are among the enhancements.

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Super Monkey Ball £1.79, iOS

This 2000 Nintendo wackfest couldn't be better suited to the motion control of the iPhone. Tilt your way through tons of tricky courses using a monkey encased in a rolling ball.

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