25 of Nintendo's greatest hits

With the Wii U launching this week, it's high time to look at the big N's finest software and hardware triumphs
Mario 64

Nintendo has become a household name, the creator of multiple best selling games consoles and an iconic brand  and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Here are 25 of Nintendo's greatest hits.

Super Mario Kart (1992)

Mario Kart

Arguably the most enjoyable racing game of all time, Super Mario Kart had controls that were easy to pick up but difficult to master, and only the most dedicated players could expect to powerslide around every corner. Marrying these with the colourful Mario universe was a stroke of genius, particularly when it came to the power-ups: there’s little in life more satisfying than pulling off a long shot with a green shell to send a friend’s kart careening off the track.

Game & Watch – Donkey Kong (1982)

Game & Watch

The first dual-screen Game & Watch LCD game, Donkey Kong’s unique design setup would later be echoed in the DS. A reinterpretation of the arcade game that saw Mario vaulting over barrels hurled by the eponymous ape, this orange gizmo sucked countless hours out of the lives of 1980s kids.

Photo credit: Frenkieb on Flickr

Star Fox (1993)

Star Fox

Star Fox (called Starwing in Europe for legal reasons) was the first “proper” 3D game Nintendo ever made, with its cartridge-mounted Super FX processor giving the SNES the helping hand it need to display a fully 3D environment, in which Fox McCloud and his team fly their Arwing space fighters against the forces of Andross over planetary surfaces, through asteroid fields and the vastness of space.

Nintendo Entertainment System (1983)


The NES is a console that needs no introduction. Blasting into our living rooms in the mid 80s, it was the best-selling console of its era – and with good reason. A tech, gadget and gaming icon all rolled into one with its simplistic controller and classic titles like Super Mario Bros, Mega Man and Duck Hunt, it'll hold a special place in our pixellated hearts, forever and always.

NES Zapper (1985)

NES Zapper

Ninty's light gun accessory came bundled with Duck Hunt in North American NES consoles and was was the sole reason for the cull of million of unfortunate 8-bit ducks. So what if you could get perfect scores by shooting directly against a light bulb? It was a technological marvel that blew our impressionable little tech-head minds.

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