25 of the best sports gadgets

Wii Fit Plus



Building on the success of the original Wii Fit, which featured a balance board and a range of addictive exercises, Wii Fit Plus adds a fat range of content to help you get, well, less fat. Using the Wii Remote and Balance Board, you perform a range of simple, fun activities, tracking your progress all the time.

MXB Shocker

From US$1,699 (£1,030)


Imagine, if you can, that a motorcycle mated with a snowboard. The offspring of this unholy union is the MXB Shocker, a motorised board that you perch on, steering it by shifting your weight and adjusting the speed and brakes using a handheld controller. The Shocker can reach speeds of up to 18mph and is apparently much easier to ride than the snowboard on which it’s based.

adidas miCoach Speed_Cell



The closest rival to Nike+, miCoach is an adidas-backed training system that sits in your shoes – including the F50 footie boots elsewhere in this list – and “collects” your stats, measuring speed in all directions during a football match or tennis game (for up to eight hours), then transferring it wirelessly to your iOS device, Mac or PC for analysis.

Burton Mix Master Glove

$US159.95 (£100)


If you’re a “gnarly” “bro” who often “shreds” “powder” “or something” on your snowboard and you also happen to own a touchscreen device, chances are your glove situation is causing you grief. Well, the Mix Master features a built-in iPod/iPhone remote, allowing you to wirelessly adjust the volume and play/pause/change tracks. The iOS device can be up to 100ft away.

Oregon ATC Mini


Oregon Scientific

If the GoPro and its underwater housing is too big for your sub-aqua movie exploits, consider the ATC Mini, which snaffles up 720p HD footage and is waterproof to 20m straight out of the box. It can be mounted on all manner of things, weighs a paltry 120g and stores its videos on microSD card.