25 of the best sports gadgets

LifeProof iPhone case



A hard-as-nails case for the iPhone 4 and 4S that manages to add a mere 1.5mm to the edge and 28g to the weight, this offers military grade protection against droppage (it’ll withstand a 2m fall), plus sealing to keep out water (to 2m) and dust. If you’re jogging or taking part in something equally active and can’t leave your phone behind, clothe it in this.

Recon MOD Live


Recon Instruments

Short for Micro Optics Display, MOD Live is essentially a heads-up display for snowboarders and skiers, showing you your speed, map position and other data on a tiny in-goggle screen. It’ll even communicate with your phone via Bluetooth, letting you answer calls and read texts while on the piste. James Bond, eat your heart out.

Tiger Woods: My Swing


iTunes Store

Renowned swinger Tiger Woods has released this app to help aspiring golfers perfect their game. Using your iOS device’s camera, it captures your swing and analyses it, as well as letting you view your pathetic attempts side-by-side with Tiger’s. Take the advice on board, adjust your swing and you’ll be tearing that ball down the fairway in no time.

Sony Walkman NWX-W262



A pair of headphones with the MP3 player built-in, this lightweight Walkman is totally water resistant – in fact you can actually dunk it in the sink and give it a wash, which is good to know if you’re planning on working up a sweat. There’s 2GB of storage, and a three minute charge gives you an hour of battery life.



Black Dog Bikes

No need to buy an exercise bike – just hook your road bicycle up to the Turbotrainer and you can ride miles and miles without leaving your living room. Your bike’s rear wheel rests on a gear that can have its resistance altered by magnets, simulating the feel of riding on a road or uphill. The result? Thighs like iron.